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about bring10

We hear you! "Daily Deals" aren't all they're cracked up to be. They say you'll get customers who will become regulars once they try your business, but how many really come back? Instead of filling empty tables or moving excess stock, mass coupons just bring you too many customers at your peak times. And are the economics of offering such huge discounts (not to mention the hefty commissions you have to pay the deal companies) really worth it in the first place?

bring10 is a reimagining of the local deals model. We allow you to reach out to exactly the types of customers you want, when you want them. When you receive a bid from a bring10 customer, you know they're coming from nearby and they want exactly the type of good or service you provide. We also give you control over exactly how you want to respond — send personalized offers manually or set up easy automatic rules to handle responses for you. And, of course, you get to design the offers you send out so they can be as generous or as modest as you want. The bottom line is flexibility.